Firm Philosophy

The Firm's Philosophy

Big Law Firm Professionalism from a Small Firm

After graduating from Harvard Law School, the firm’s founder, Everett Carbajal, worked at one of the largest law firms in the world as an international corporate attorney. There, he had the opportunity to represent many Fortune 500 companies. Their common denominator? — they all demanded exacting professionalism.

Now, working with entrepreneurs, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses, the Law Firm takes every effort to ensure that all clients receive the same level of professionalism that’s demanded by Fortune 500 clients. Thus, smaller businesses can now receive that “big law firm” professionalism at a price and with the responsiveness only a small firm can provide.


We Work for You

Vetted Network of Fellow Advisors

To ensure every client’s legal needs are served with the utmost thoroughness, our firm has established a vetted network of trusted practitioners in numerous areas of law that complement our firm’s offerings. Those areas include:

  • Intellectual Property (Patent, Copyright, Trademark);
  • Securities
  • Litigation
  • Immigration
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Real Estate
  • Tax (domestic and cross-border)
  • International Trade (Export/Import/Customs)
  • International Litigation and Arbitration

We have also established an equally top-shelf network of accounting and business valuation professionals with whom we regularly interact.

Your Success is Important

When selecting a legal advisor, you want to work with an attorney who is just as passionate about the success of your business as you are. You want someone who is able to think creatively about how to grow your business – just like you do, day in, and day out. At The Carbajal Law Firm, P.C., in addition to always striving to provide the most exacting professional legal services:

  • We make sure we learn as much as we can about your business — on our time, not yours!;
  • We share the enthusiasm about your business goals; and
  • We strive to be more than just competent legal practitioners — but Trusted Advisors

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